In a 2004 Data Breaker column, I wrote, "Tomas Jirku ranks with Akufen, Richie Hawtin, Deadbeat, and Tim Hecker among Canada's elite electronic producers." This holds true today. The Vancouver musician has been steadily creating edgy, minimal, dubby techno for 15 years—if you haven't heard his 2000 opus on Force Inc., Sequins, get on it posthaste. Tonight, Jirku celebrates the release of his new EP, The Event Horizon, out March 24 via Seattle's Innerflight label. On it he veers rewardingly into a more electro-tinged style of dance-floor obliqueness à la Schematic artists like Phoenecia and Push Button Objects. It's great to see a veteran still evolving and keeping it adventurous. With the Automatic Message, who collaborated with Jirku on the new EP's ominous highlight, "Power Block," and Innerflight resident DJs Manos and Neural Net. Monkey Loft, 10 pm–4 am, $10, 21+.

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