Malaysian Airlines Plane Missing: And presumed to have crashed. 239 people were aboard.

Crimea Belongs to Mother Russia: So says the Kremlin, in so many words!

Widespread Labor Abuses At US Military Bases: Per usual, President Obama's government doesn't live up to the promise of his rhetoric.

Eastside Catholic Vice-Principal Sues Over Firing: The high school, responding to the suit, claims "inappropriate" Facebook photos played a part in the termination of vice-principal Mark Zmuda, whose ouster prompted an outcry from students.

Climate Change = More Malaria: Warmer temperatures means more mosquitos at higher elevations where people have no immunity to malaria, a new British-American study has found.

Climate Change = More Terrorism: The Pentagon, in its Quariennal Defense Review, says global warming could "devastate homes, land, and infrastructure" and "may exacerbate water scarcity and lead to sharp increases in food costs...These effects are threat multipliers that will aggravate stressors abroad such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions—conditions that can enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence."

LOL: The report alleging that Mars Hill Church spent $200,000 to artificially push Pastor Mark Driscoll's 2012 book onto the New York Times bestseller list for a week gets more traction. (Mars Hill says the cost was less and that the strategy was "unwise," but not "uncommon or illegal.")

FBI To Investigate Idaho Private Prison: The Boise prison has become so notorious for violence—a 2008 government study found that there were four times as many prison-on-prisoner assaults at the Corrections Corporation of America facility than at the state's seven other prisons combined—it's been nicknamed "The Gladiator School." Christ.

Charity Program Allegedly Screws Over Homebroken Veterans: "It all looked really good in the beginning; it really did."

Say It With Me Now: Bank of America is a headcrab sinking its claws into the faces of unsuspecting Americans in an attempt to devour them from the top down.

And, with that: