In tracking the movements of the locally made music beating out of the cars and earbuds of the city, you've probably seen the names of a lot of crews dominate this column at different times, from Mass Line to Sportn' Life to OFS. Lately, it seems like the sheer amount of talent, and the frequency of their output, means I'm dedicating a lot of ink to Seattle's Moor Gang (and, conflict-of-interest-wise, I should note that I also comanage the group's cochair Jarv Dee). They're a multi-neighborhood-spanning collective of rappers who've flourished in the midst of a swiftly gentrifying city (and local rap fan base) that has typically blanched at the thought of an unwieldy group of young, black street rappers. Luckily for them, the talent-deep Moors are undeniable.

That said, there's new music from three of the set's lightest and brightest: First off, Thaddeus David's indefatigable grind has brought another release, the EP-length Laws of Attraction, produced entirely by S.A.T. Beats, whose icy palette of Based beats match well the lyrical motifs of emotion frozen by street life's permanent winter. Though Thaddeus's very composed monotone rarely betrays feeling, he frequently examines his mind state, insisting that "the biggest misconception is [his] not caring."

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