Malaysia Airlines Plane: Still missing.

Mammoth Tusks! On display at the Burke Museum for a limited time only. Go see 'em!

2014 Seattle Bike Map: It's out! Go get your cycle on!

Between 750-1200 Jailed Immigrants Are On Hunger Strike in Tacoma: The precise count of detainees striking depends on who you believe, but it's a huge number either way. They're protesting conditions inside the facility and deportations. Let's remember that undocumented immigrants don't make free choices—many of them were forced here by circumstances beyond their control. From a review of anthropologist Seth Holmes' new book on migrant farmworkers:

The introductory chapter, titled ‘Worth Risking Your Life?’, reflects a question Holmes sees written on the wall of a church in a border-crossing town. With this vivid account, he exposes the way that such a question, and the subsequent framing of border crossing as an individual choice, masks the reality of Triqui migrants. For them, staying in Oaxaca without opportunities to acquire work, food, or education creates a situation where not crossing the border is the greater risk.

They’re Only 'Illegals' If They’re Brown: If you're white and Christian and fleeing secular schools, you've evidently got a far better chance of getting asylum than if you're economically or violently displaced from Mexico.

Saturday Marked International Women's Day: In Mexico City, a woman named Yakiri Rubio who allegedly killed one of her rapists in self-defense (grabbing a knife and slashing his throat) is facing murder charges. Nick Kristof looks at a strikingly similar case involving domestic violence here at home. A woman is as likely to die in childbirth in the US as a woman in Iran, and four times as likely as a woman in Germany—our maternal mortality rate is rising rather than going down.

Today In the Surveillance State: How the government conspired to spy on itself.

Them's Fighting Words from the Houston Mayor: "Uber cannot threaten me in any way. I had people threatening to shoot me in the seventies, there’s not anything that Uber as an entity can do that will intimidate me."

Don't ever change, Seattle: