Bravo. Last month, I pointed out that the Seattle City Council's draft resolution about dangerous trains carrying oil through the city was weaksauce. It raised some common-sense alarm about trains carrying highly explosive material through Seattle—namely that the trains could derail and explode and incinerate people, stadiums, Pike Place Market, and swaths of downtown. But the resolution didn't get down to brass tax and say the obvious: that transporting oil contributes to climate change (which is slowly but surely fucking up the entire planet) and the state of Washington should use its executive power to halt the oil industry's attempts to ship ever greater quantities of crude around the state.

Today, the council unanimously approved a resolution that does both of those things, including this call to action:

The City of Seattle requests that the Governor of Washington, the Washington Department of Ecology, the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, and any other relevant state agencies refrain from permitting projects that would expand the capacity for petroleum export out of the state or otherwise increase the number of trains carrying petroleum through Seattle and other Washington communities until the cumulative environmental and safety impacts of these projects are studied and addressed.

Ball's in your court, Inslee.