The grimy/cozy confines of the Tractor would have been a great fit for Pennsylvanian raunch-rock stars Moistboyz anyway, but the country influence on their latest album—last fall's Moistboyz V—made it an even better fit.

'Boyz guitarist/co-founder Mickey Melchiondo (aka Mickey Moist, aka Dean Ween, aka Cap'n Ween) has been spending a lot more time with the band since the dissolution of his legendary avant-goofball outfit Ween, and was rocking tough Friday night. He wore a dark long-sleeve shirt, and was dripping sweat from his curly mop all night. Also joining the band on bass for this tour is desert rocker Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator founder, and former Queens of the Stone Age bassist), who was reportedly fighting off an ear infection, and as such, was (understandably) not the spark plug he usually is. Even so, he didn't miss a note, and his presence was awesome. Plus, his Trash Talk hoodie was pretty cool.

The band's roughness between songs (constantly re-tuning, fixing janky gear) fit the band's rowdy give-a-fuckness perfectly.

Shirtless lead singer/other co-founder Guy Heller (aka Dickie Moist) kept things hilariously lively with expletive-laced rambling, and (during a Melchiondo guitar issue) a gruff rendition of "America the Beautiful." "I Don't Give A Fuck Where The Eagles Fly," indeed. They were like a rusty old muscle car who lurched and sputtered at the stop lights, then blew the paint off the cement at every green. Please don't ever get a tune-up.

They started off with "I Am the Reaper," and a wicked pit opened up on the floor near the front. It was the first proper pit I'd been in in a bit, and it was fun as hell. Beer was flying everywhere—in fact, people seemed to be buying $4 tallboys for the sole purpose of spraying them on everybody else. The band followed suit, and Heller thrashed around, even pulling off a headstand between verses. They busted out early Boyz rocker "U Blow" (which might be their most awesome song), drove the crowd nuts with "The Tweaker," and played tons of other cuts like "In the Valley of the Sun." Oliveri took a break from cleaning the gunk out of his ear at one point and stepped center stage to sing "Paperboy."

They didn't come out for an encore, but I think the fans understood. When you play hard for 20-plus years, have broken gear, ear infections, and are generally "Hangin by a Thread," people will cut you some slack.