This morning I happened upon a social media post by occasional Stranger contributor Travis Ritter; he is selling off his cassette tapes on Discogs!!

Recently, for whatever weird reason, cassettes have returned. I'm guessing it's Millennials' nostalgia. Or people driving oldish cars who are sick of shitty radio? Perhaps. Anyways, as for Ritter's tapes, Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley notwithstanding, he's letting go of a batch of sweet jams. Like, he's selling the first Velvet Underground album, some rare Devo, Squirrel Bait's Skag Heaven, Wire 154 and Scratch Acid too!! DAG!! Sadly, Millennials, I didn't see a copy of Paul Simon's 1985 album Graceland on offer. And I mention Graceland as thing 'cause I just recently learned Graceland is now regarded as "classic" for those kids born in the early '80s. Oh, he does, also, have the cassingle version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with a RARE B-side. Nice.

Original owner. CLASSIC GRUNGE CASSINGLE, featuring then unreleased B-side "Even In His Youth". Cardboard cover has a crease down the middle from when my sister sat on it.

For those of you who care about cassettes check out his list HERE. I spoke with Ritter this morning and he said he'll be listing more titles tonight!!

Sidebar: As much as I generally loathe cassettes, if it wasn't for an incident in high school where all my cassettes were stolen out of my car I MIGHT not have become a record collector!! I still have a few tho, but only those which were first issued as "cassette only" or those with "bonus tracks," natch. Back in the '80s underground labels would sometimes add an extra track or two which wouldn't fit on the LP so you'd hafta buy BOTH.