I am all about diversity among clothing models, but I am highly conflicted about this. From AdWeek:

Betabrand, an online retailer of crowdsourced clothing, just launched its spring line, and the company decided to take a different approach to marketing the new looks: Each of the models would have a Ph.D.

The models, AdWeek quickly points out, are all thin and conventionally pretty. And, AdWeek does not point out, they are also almost all white.

I mean...I guess I like this, because I like the idea of using a wide variety of people to model clothes. But I also don't love it because, realistically, Ph.Ds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Diverse representation is cool, but this feels like theoretical diversity, rather than, you know, visual diversity.

You can look at all of the models and outfits here. The clothes are, to be honest, pretty cute.

What do you think? Good/bad?