And the reason why the video shoot alarmed several citizens and drew the heat? King 5:

Officers went to the rooftop of The Madison Apartments in response to several concerned phone calls. When they arrived, Seattle Police say that as many as six suspects were on the roof, carrying rifles and handguns.

They were also dressed in tactical gear, and one was carrying two ammunition magazines and a rifle. Upon closer inspection, police say they were able to determine the weapons were very realistic-looking replicas, and were being used in a music video the group was shooting.
Neighbors watching it unfold and snapped pictures from their high-rise windows in nearby buildings.

I know and respect Suntonio Bandanaz. He is one of the best rappers in town and he has consistently released solid (and usually progressive) work. But this time around, he was not using all of his smarts. He was playing with fire. That video shoot could easily have ended in a real shooting: real guns against fake ones. He must count himself lucky to be black, alive, and rapping today....