Indian Summer isn't just a goofy-ass Beat Happening song, DIY dorkuses, it's also the first installment in a seriously gorgeous new project from LA-based producer KMTK and NYC-based singer Alana Belle. Both, of course, are cold enough to hail from the Emerald City. KMTK (aka multitalented Laced Up alum Jaycee Coleman) is part of the team that's crafted Porter Ray's distinctive, scratchy basement-soul sound that so well recalls classic Seattle sounds and is all over BLK, RSE, and WHT GLD.

If this project, Loops for Lovers, and its too-short five-track debut was a person, it would be the kind of person whose attributes would make you space out mid-conversation, before you excused yourself to introduce yourself to them. Sexy, smoky, and, again, too damn short—it is self-labeled "A Suite of Interludes," making it a hellafied tease—this is beat-head soul that blends the distinct comforts of late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, a crucial, classic combo in black music if there ever was. Porter naturally stops through to briefly bless the ol' sweet sorrow tale on "Farewell," and you can't help but love the rap-restraint this project has. You'd rightly suspect that I'm naturally inclined to auto-like closing track "Gone," which flips the Bobbi Humphrey/Mizell Bros gem "Baby's Gone" in a perfectly floaty fashion. Find this music and slap it back to front like five times before you notice, and you won't be sad you did.

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