(Showbox at the Market) Generally I would not suggest that you see the Ataris in 2014, because the band hasn’t done anything notable for several years, save for an onstage meltdown in 2012. But this is different. Tonight the second- (third-?) wave emo band will be playing their 2003 album, So Long, Astoria, in its entirety. Don’t get me wrong, Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 Exits is the best Ataris album, despite the fact that just about every song blames women for every problem, but So Long is also solid. It’s just as catchy and heart-on-sleeve-y, but singer Kris Roe stopped blaming women for everything. Yay! (And I like their Don Henley cover where they change Grateful Dead to Black Flag in the “sticker on a Cadillac line”—NO SHAME.) So go! Even if only to scratch that annoying nostalgia itch that won’t quit even with a double dose of Benadryl. With Authority Zero, Drag the River and Versus the World. MEGAN SELING
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After dominating pop radio in the second half of the ’00s with a series of shiny Auto-Tune hits celebrating parties, partying, and falling in love with strippers, T-Pain achieved elder-statesman status with literally dozens of "featured performer" spots, where his digitally clipped croon is as distinctive as a Stevie Wonder harmonica solo. In advance of the release of his new album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, the ringtone superstar lands at Neumos, for a night of shiny Auto-Tune hits celebrating parties, partying, and falling in love with strippers. (Sweet bonus: T-Pain recently publicly spoke out against homophobia in hiphop, calling it "terrible" and "weird" and saying he doesn't "fuck with" people who have problems with gay folks. So he'll be right at home on Capitol Hill.) DAVID SCHMADER
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