Well, it’s about time. Finally, a documentary has been made about influential Kentucky post-rock greats Slint. Directed by Lance Bangs, Breadcrumb Trail portrays the Louisville foursome's brief but memorable lifespan. Slint (who were allegedly all "out of their minds") released two pensive and combustible albums—Tweez and Spiderland—and an EP in the late ’80s and early ’90s before dissolving; pencil-necked geeks haven't shut up about 'em ever since. Their members went on to play in bands like the Breeders, the For Carnation, Tortoise, Zwan, Papa M, and others, but none of them ever whispered, as Slint did, a distressed, "Oh Jesus, hand me those goddamn tweezers."

The film includes interviews with Steve Albini (who wrote that famous review of Spiderland in Melody Maker, which may have even overshadowed his production job on Tweez), James Murphy, Ian MacKaye, and David Yow. In a press release below, Bangs details his approach to Breadcrumb Trail.

My new feature length documentary Breadcrumb Trail is about Slint and the Louisville music culture they emerged from. It includes footage going back to the early 1990s that I shot when repeatedly driving up from Athens, GA to Louisville to try to chase rumors of what they guys were up to. Over the years I tracked down more stories about them, then began filming interviews with each of the band members and their contemporaries. We also unearthed some unseen/uncirculated footage from their few live performances as well as the writing and arranging of Spiderland

In addition to this doc, which will screen in Seattle April 3 and 5 at Grand Illusion, Slint are the subject of a box set reissue of Spiderland by Touch and Go Records, out April 25. Unlike most bands of their era's output, Slint's music still seems inviolable to the ravages of time.