Dearest gaymosexuals! We are perched yet again upon that delightfully perilous precipice of WAY TOO MUCH FABULOUS SHIT TO DO. It’s rather disturbing, in a nice way. Of course, only a fraction (a smidge! a smudge!) of this great junk was able to make into The Homosexual Agenda this week. A tragedy! So let's all just take a moment to cry our faces off about it. GO.

OKAY NOW WIPE THOSE FOOLISH TEARS AWAY! (They're messing with everyone's guyliner—besides, I'm here to fill your big gaping chasm). WELCOME TO THIS WEEK’S HOMOSEXUAL ADDENDA!

Look! If you are prepared to deal with the shitfaced group karaoke experience of a your LIFE and you hunger to WIN TWO TICKETS to tonight’s Ladies of R&B Sing Along at Central Cinema (Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, SWV, Beyoncé, Sade, more on this below!), do this: simply retweet this tweet by 4:30pm tonight, and your name will be tossed into the proverbial bucket, the winner chosen quite randomly indeed. No pain, no poop, no PNP. Hairy a plus.

SO! First let's clear a thing up: in this week's Homosexual Agenda, I discuss the RPDR (that's "RuPaul's Drag Race" for the acronymically challenged) Season 6 Watching Party staring Jinkx Monsoon Ben DeLaCreme at the glamorous Century Ballroom. (Interesting word, "ballroom".)

Further, I seemed to intimate that THE DAMN THING IS WAY TOO CROWDED, and that it's harder than a pecker in a chicken farm to get in, get seated, get fed.

Even furtherly I furthered that you should roam on down to the Rendezvous on Monday to partake in the drag-rich watching party that features Olivia DeGarce and Beau Splittin Saperstein and DJ Tony Burns, which was the Agenda's feature event this week. And I did! And I still do! Nothing should keep you from it! (Not death! Not taxes! Nor frizzy, unmanageable hair!)

But still I am forced to amend: the crushing mob that beleaguered the first night has ebbed comfortably, they've got a firm handle on the house, and I finally got my cheese platter. My point is: YOU MUST see at least one of the RPDR Watching Parties with Ben and Sarah before it's all over. SWEAR IT ON YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES! Or somebody else’s! I’m not picky like that.

Moving along!

Thursday, March 13th

Tonight Central Cinema hosts one of their marvelous Sing-Along events! (I've talked about them forever. Ecstatic drunken joy? Whole room dancing in the aisles? Yadda yadda, glug-glug, yadda? Exactly.)

However! This is not just any old Central Cinema Sing-Along event —it's a god damn The Ladies of R&B Sing Along event! Did you catch that? THE LADIES OF R&B SING ALONG. Did you even ever imagine? That means a little Whitney, a little Aretha, a bit of Beyoncé, a smattering of Sade—each and every one a drag queen's wettest dream! And what we need to do, see, is PACK THIS WHOLE DAMN PLACE WITH DRAG QUEENS. Can’t you just see it? A whole room full of queens busting out to their favorite divas en masse? We, as a community, as a queer nation, as big gay people, MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN AT ALL COSTS. And besides, this is a very most excellent pre-funk before REVOLUTION THURSDAYS at Baltic Room with Donatella Howe and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, so. Package deal. Central Cinema, 8PM, 17+.

Oh! And you should go to Revolution Thursdays at Baltic Room with Donatella Howe and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang tonight too. Like after. Totally. Baltic Room, 10PM, FREE, 21+.

Friday/Saturday, March 15th-16th

And tonight! The inimitable Alyssa Edwards and her world famous backrolls (#BACKROLLS!?) from RPDR Season 5 roll into town tonight to perform with the crew of Lashes, and she is taking the amazing Shangella (RPDR Seasons one AND two! Does that sound fair?) with her! Get there early, hydrate, and don't you DARE point out anyone's....well, you know. (#backrolls!)