From the tense years of 1999 to 2001, Tad Doyle played guitar and sang in the band Hog Molly, who recorded one album, Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip, with Jack Endino in 2001. Doyle, who used to front TAD during Sub Pop’s heaviest era, now leads Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and is an in-demand producer working out of his own Witch Ape Studio.

He recently remastered Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip and put it up on Bandcamp yesterday. It’s an agile, hostile hellraiser of a rock record that throws its weight around with little regard for anyone’s safety. If Good to Die Records were around back at the turn of the millennium, it surely would've signed Hog Molly. You can score Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip here for the reasonable, diabolical price of $6.66.