GO TO THIS MARCH TODAY—1pm at Judkins Park: After all, the mayor's income inequality committee is stacked with unabashed capitalists—haven't they heard how broken that system is? And rather than let them define the agenda (or perhaps because of their hidden one), Kshama Sawant will announce her specific proposal for how raise the minimum wage at the event. Go!

Amazon Will Build A Warehouse in Kent: Remember when Amazon had to be shamed at its shareholder meeting into installing air conditioning at its warehouses? Kent's mayor says this is an example of attracting "high-tech" industry, but the area's relative poverty and low-cost workforce are probably what did the trick. The casual adoption of Amazon's corpo-speak—"fulfillment centers"—by the Associated Press, by the way, is upsetting.

Liberal Democracy Is Flourishing In Iraq: Thankfully nobody who advocated for that invasion was hounded out of public life or prosecuted or anything.

Like For Example, Our Dour Head Diplomat: Indeed, so very dour-looking after failed talks with Russia over Ukraine.

I'm A Soccer Fan, Not A FIFA Fan: Is there such a thing as an ethical international sporting event? Does it exist?

For-Profit Prisons Are Even More Racist Than Regular Ones: There's a notorious one in Tacoma where a hunger strike by immigrants is entering its second week.

Seattle's Underground Sex Economy Explained: Graphs and more national context here.

Whoa, Washington Democrats Stood for Something! They looked Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan in the eye over No Child Left Behind, and he appears to have blinked.

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