From the "famous people had personal lives, too" files: a collection of drawings Charles Darwin's kids did all over his actual On the Origin of Species manuscript:

Remarkably, this is one of only twenty-eight pages of the manuscript that still exist. The Cambridge University Library has given it the descriptive name "The Battle of the Fruit and Vegetable Soldiers," and so indeed it seems to be. As near as I can make out, it shows a turbaned soldier mounted on a blueberry squaring off with an English dragoon on a carrot-steed. Perhaps inspired by the 1839-1842 Anglo-Afghan War, and filtered through the Darwin household's fascination with plants and gardening?

There are lots of birds and vegetables, and their happy home (with a glimpse of Darwin's "thinking path"). The art is really great for kid art. Do they mean anything? Who knows. But go check 'em out.