I love the new Museum of History & Industry down in South Lake Union. It's a wonderful new space, and everyone in Seattle should go. That said, I think MOHAI might be home to the dumbest sign in Seattle. Here, on the southwestern corner of the building, is the sign for the new Bezos Center for Innovation:

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If you squint, to the left of the giant yellow "INNOVATION," you can see the words "Bezos Center for" in smaller, darker letters. Or you could read those words if they weren't obscured by an architectural feature. You'd think they could innovate a sign for the center that didn't have a large pole planted right in front of it. MOHAI is home to some of the greatest signs in Seattle history—why the hell did they stick an otherwise attractive sign right in a spot that makes the sign read "BEZOS CENT OR INNOVATION?" Signs are supposed to transmit important information quickly and effectively. This is a terrible use of a sign.