Sad Lizard, drawer liner, pillowcase, and bedsheets by Nate Stein Steigenga
  • Courtesy of Davidson Galleries
  • "Sad Lizard," pillowcase, and bedsheets by Nate Steigenga

Bethany Jean Clement: "I already checked out this show at Davidson Galleries, but if you haven't, you REALLY should. Rarely is art so hilarious. Also, the texture in them is marvelous—they're made of stuff like yarn, drawer liners, wallpaper, bedsheets, pillow shams..."

Krishanu Ray: "After having seen the Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend, I am now more inclined than ever before to observe National Macaron Day, this Thursday at Ba Bar."

  • Peter Brook's adaptation of The Suit, at Seattle Rep

Brendan Kiley: "I’m going to the opening-night performance of Peter Brook’s The Suit at the Seattle Repertory Theatre."

Charles Mudede: "I'm going to talk with Kshama Sawant about socialism tomorrow. The public is welcome to hear this conversation (and even participate in it), as it is happening at Town Hall at 7 pm."

Kelly O: I'm going to an all-lady art show called UNTITLED WOMAN, opening at 7 pm this Thursday at Lovecitylove.

Paul Constant: "I've kind of got a dilemma on Thursday night. There's Cheap Beer and Prose happening at the Hugo House. CB&P is always fun, and I'm excited to see the readers: Aaron Counts, Wilson Diehl, Michelle Goodman, and APRIL Festival co-founder Willie Fitzgerald. I've enjoyed Diehl and Fitzgerald's work in the past, and I'm especially excited to see Counts do his thing. But there's also Film Court featuring Forrest Gump at Central Cinema. I love the idea of Film Court, in which two people argue about the merits (and demerits) of a movie, and the prosecutor for Forrest Gump is Jeopardy! champ/Twitter funny guy Ken Jennings, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Seattle celebrities. Plus, I hate Forrest Gump and want it to go down in flames. What should I do?"

Paul Constant, center, angrily pursuing the young Forrest Gump
  • Forrest Gump
  • Paul Constant, center, angrily pursuing the young Forrest Gump