The tech industry has fallen into a real case of the blahs, lately. The only innovations we see in our gadgets is that they get a little thinner, and companies try to convince us that they're adding something new by putting a shiny spit-and-polish on their operating systems. It's been a few years since somone has put out a product or a service that really wows me. But that doesn't stop tech companies from trying! The tech blogs have been lit up by three new ideas in the last day or so, and I think they're all terrible. But the question is: Which is worse?

1. Darrell Etherington at TechCrunch writes:

Facebook has reached a major milestone in computer vision and pattern recognition, with ‘DeepFace,’ an algorithm capable of identifying a face in a crowd with 97.25 percent accuracy, which is pretty much on par with how good the average human is (97.5 percent accurate) at recognizing the faces of other walking, talking meat sacks.

2. Re/Code's Lauren Goode writes:

Nuzzel, the personalized news aggregator created by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, has launched to the public today after a year and a half in beta mode.

Nuzzel — not to be confused with news aggregator Newsle — is a free web app that links to Facebook and Twitter feeds to not only show timely story links, but also show relevant tweets and other commentary from sites like Reddit

3. And here's a video introducing Android Wear, Google's attempt at a functional operating system for a smartwatch: