Two Dead in KOMO Helicopter Crash at Fisher Plaza Near Seattle Center: The scene looks unspeakably awful. KOMO's earlier coverage of its own catastrophe above, and more here.

Putin Confirms Annexation of Crimea: The Russian president's hour-long speech about it was filled with "patriotic bluster and anger at western hypocrisy." Now he is speaking to chanting crowds at Red Square in Moscow. NBC’s Ed Flanagan is covering Russian troops storming a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol. More developing.

Seattle Firefighter Says Homeless Man Attacked Him, But Witnesses Disagree: One of the two off-duty firefighters who allegedly beat up two homeless men in Pioneer Square Saturday night says he was just strolling through Occidental Park when he was “suddenly attacked by some unknown person for some unknown reason.” Several witnesses tell "a very different story"—including that the woman the firefighters were with allegedly began it all by kicking the homeless man who was sleeping on the Seattle Fallen Firefighters Memorial. She allegedly then "yelled at him and threw his food on him." Then, according to the police report, one of the firefighters allegedly said the homeless man "was disrespecting his 'brothers' and began punching and 'stomping' the man." A witness says the other firefighter then “got in a fight with a different homeless man, took his walking stick and started beating him with it.” Meanwhile, taking a page from the book that the SPD seems unable to decipher, Seattle Fire Chief Gregory Dean apologized in the most forthright way, saying "On behalf of the men and women of the Seattle Fire Department, I apologize for the violence that occurred in Pioneer Square this weekend."

Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Passengers Threaten Hunger Strike: They want information from the Malaysian authorities. Meanwhile, more searching, more theories, and it looks like someone in the cockpit changed the flight's course. And wait: Did radar in Thailand detect the plane?

Seattle City Council Unanimously Passes Bill to Regulate Rideshare Companies and Cap Number of Active Drivers at 150: Anna Minard reports on "what the fuck to expect when you call a cab/open up your Uber app, try to get from point A to point B." It's a solution that no one is happy with, she points out, but: "We have something now that everyone can disagree with, and which forms the basis for a trial period during which the city can analyze how and if these rules work."

Amazon Gets into Ad Sales: They've got the data, so why not?

Big Bang: More on the amazing, probably-Nobel-prize-winning findings about the universe.