According to this police report by Officer Willie Askew, a West Seattle jogger was attacked by two dogs without warning. She believes she was bitten twice, but is unsure if the bites came from each dog or just one. The larger dog (a "Golden Retriever mixed“), bit her so her so hard her skin was punctured, and the jogger described the incident as terrifying.

The attack only came to an end when the owner of the animals heard the jogger's screams and reestablished her authority as their master. Animal Control took the dogs away for an advised 10-day quarantine, and their owner was “advised that she would be cited for an off-leash violation and bite to human.” There is no record that the dogs are registered.

The interesting thing about this report? The owner actually blamed the jogger for being bitten by her dogs.

[She] explained that her dogs were off leash in her front yard before the attack. She stated the attack was an accident because the victim was afraid and screaming [and this] contributed to the dog's behavior.

Exactly how all bad dog owners see things; their animals are kind to understanding people, and mean to those who, like the jogger, do not get them and their ways.

Also, the names of the dogs, like the names of the humans (victim and pet owner), are redacted. All identities are protected by the law.