To counter yesterday's Police Beat post (which may be seen as rather negative toward man's best friend on four legs), I want to share this not uplifting but certainly moving Anchorage Daily News story about a young dog owner, her four dogs, and a wolf who killed and ate one of her dogs.

One day, the human and her pets went for a walk in the woods and, while enjoying the crisp air and the crunching snow, encountered a huge wolf (wolves tend to be much bigger than dogs). On their way back home, the wolf, which did not hide its fear of the human, followed and looked for any opportunity to strike one of the dogs. Finally:

[T]he wolf pinned Little Bear, a bearded collie mutt.

"Mason [a husky-lab-rottweiler mix] exploded and attacked her. That was the first real dogfight. ... The wolf got him by the throat and killed him in an instant. It was done in a second. Without ever looking at us, she began eating his body, with us standing right there," Bochart [the young dog owner] said.

Bochart, who was yelling during the ordeal, trying to attract help, turned and got the other dogs home. When she returned to the attack site the next day, there was almost nothing left of Mason's carcass, she said. "She'd eaten all of him. It leads me to think it's been a hard winter and that she was starving."

A wolf fitting Bochart's description was photographed near the U.S. Customs Station.