Seattle producer Black Hat (Nelson Bean) has a video from his new 12” EP, Thought of Two (released March 4 on white wax via Hausu Mountain), ready for your eyes and ears. Directed by Zara Ruckus, the clip for “Imaginary Friends” bears a color palette closer in style to shoegaze-rock (washed-out greens, blues, magentas, lavenders) that contrasts with the music. This track aurally paints in the ashy grays and unfathomable blacks of glowering gloom-mongers like Demdike Stare and Haxan Cloak. The beats aren’t really tailored for dancing, but rather for shuffling urgently down creepy alleys and skulking past non-functioning, rotted-out factories. On this piece, Black Hat’s entering horror-film-soundtrack territory with paranoiac panache and a leery gleam in his eye.