Seattle Center Helicopter Crash: KOMO remembers the lives of news photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Pfitzner. On Strothman: "We all know him as one of the best storytellers to have ever graced the halls of KOMO." Fellow pilots said Pfitzner was "exceptionally skilled, dedicated to safety, and passionate about his craft." Survivor Richard Newman remains in the ICU at Harborview awaiting surgery for severe burns; Fisher Plaza security guard Brian Post heroically helped him away from the wreckage after he escaped his car and was he, himself, on fire. Witnesses report a terrifying scene and that they heard "an unusual noise" before the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Investigators are trying to recover data that was deleted on February 3 from the flight simulator found at one of the pilot's homes. The search for the missing plane—a search in an area "covering millions of nautical square miles"—continues.

Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukrainian Naval Headquarters: Biden's calling the situation a "land grab" and says the US may deploy troops to the Baltic states on new military exercises. Ukraine has authorized use of weapons in self-defense; however, "a large number of Ukrainian soldiers have defected or deserted." Chris Collison, in Kyiv, however, says people in Ukraine are ready to fight. The Russian parliament will probably vote on the absorption of Crimea today... after Putin's big speech yesterday—an "exhibition of naked power"—there's not much doubt how that vote'll go.

Seahawks "Lose a Ton": The Legion of Boom takes a hit, while Golden Tate calls the Hawks' offer "laughable" and is mad at the 12th Man, saying they'd totally bail on Seattle for a bunch more money, too, given the chance:

“But let’s be real, people,” Tate added. “I don’t care who you are, if you have an opportunity to earn way more money in another state or another business, I 100 percent think every last person will leave in a quick second and move on for the opportunity. Especially if it means they’ll set up their family for the rest of their lives and everybody will live comfortable and be happy. I think every single person in the world was gonna do the same thing I also did.”

Mars Hill's Mark Driscoll Is Supposedly Sorry: But Megan Seling's not buying it.

We're All Going to Die: Um, hello? Is this thing on? It's another report like this.

2014 James Beard Awards Finalists Announced: For those who care, here's the massive list. And the nominees for Best Chef Northwest are: Renee Erickson, The Whale Wins; Jason Franey, Canlis; Ethan Stowell, Staple & Fancy; Naomi Pomeroy of Beast in Portland; and Cathy Whims of Portland's Nostrana. Seattle also got nominations for outstanding restaurant design for Westward (it is pretty great) and for Craig Welch's Seattle Times piece "Sea Change: The Pacific's Perilous Turn." Otherwise, nada. UPDATE: I meant to include that Blaine Wetzel of the stellar Willows Inn on Lummi Island was nominated for Rising Star Chef of the Year—he should totally win.