Just announced—in the ongoing Black Flag band member saga, pro skater and featured front man for Black Flag's one-off 2003 reunion, Mike Vallely will be fronting Greg Ginn's Black Flag:

The VICTIMOLOGY TOUR will feature new vocalist Mike Vallely joining the band for the first time since performing with them at the 2003 Benefit Shows at the Hollywood Palladium. Vallely is the fifth vocalist in the band’s 38 years of existence and according to founding member, guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member Greg Ginn, Vallely “is the perfect frontman to capture what Black Flag was, is and will be.”

Vallely's fronting BF isn't exactly NEW news, he evidently got the tap earlier this year; he also fronted Ginn's group, Good For You, so this shouldn't be much of a surprise. Also, this won't actually be the first time Vallely performed with BF. Vallely, acting then as the band's tour manager in Australia, was the individual who took the stage, and the mic, from Chavo (and THAT was how Chavo was fired) to finished out their set. Nice.

Black Flag play Seattle May 27th at The Showbox. All ages.