A Thousand Conspiracy Theories Were Born Today: KIRO claims that Seattle Police Department has "reexamined" the death of Kurt Cobain. On Twitter, SPD denied the report:

Don't Leak Microsoft Products on Microsoft E-mail: CNet says that "Microsoft went through a blogger's private Hotmail account in order to trace the identity of a source who allegedly leaked trade secrets."

Fear and Trembling: After the opening-night performance of The Suit at Seattle Rep (here's a review!), a few theater folks traded anxious rumors about a reinvigorated earthquake-retrofit campaign. The short version, told over drinks: Every few years, the city ramps up an effort to make the old masonry buildings in Seattle earthquake-ready, which would be expensive for anyone but potentially fatal for theaters, low-income housing, churches, community centers, and other struggling institutions in old structures. (The procedures, as described last night, involve tying buildings together by lacing their interiors with iron bars or their exteriors with I-beam braces.) People want theaters and low-income housing to survive, but they want the people inside them to survive, too. Nobody came up with a brilliant solution.

Chamber Musicians Against Bullying: We got an email today asking Dan Savage to be on a panel. This happens once a millisecond, and is not news. However! Whether Savage is there or not, we applaud Chamber Music Northwest's upcoming panel on bullying and the arts in Portland on July 21. It'll be happening on the occasion of the Northwest premiere at CMN's summer festival of David Del Tredici's 35-minute classical composition Bullycide, which commemorates the suicides of five gay teens who were bullied.

Hey Kids, Comics! Kate Beaton published a new comic today, which means that today is officially a good day.

E-Vignettes: Those cool kids at Vignettes, who organize one-night shows in their one-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill, are starting an online venture (while still continuing with the art shows you'll miss if you blink). Their new project is called Vignettes Collection, and Vignettes Collection will show art, sell art, and hire writers to write about art. Right on. Its Indiegogo campaign is live.

That's Ashton's Role and Only Ashton's Role, Dammit: David Fincher reportedly wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-written Jobs movie.

Nobody Called Him a Sell-Out: Speaking of Apple, this Hunter S. Thompson ad for Macintosh computers from the 90s popped up on OpenCulture today: