DANIELLE HENDERSON Just keeps kicking ass.
  • DANIELLE HENDERSON Just keeps kicking ass.

Whoa, whoa, whoa—could it be? How could someone who was just hired on as a staff writer two months ago already be getting a promotion? Well, because she's fucking awesome, and because she'll make a great boss, and because we've needed an Arts & Culture Editor for a while now. The most recent issue of The Stranger's arts and performance quarterly, A&P, was our biggest yet, and more people are reading The Stranger and Slog than ever before. So we have to staff up. Good problem to have. Plus, we're doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes work to make our arts and culture coverage more comprehensive and more timely and better suited to the internet. (You know how it's kind of tricky using The Stranger's website on your phone to find out what's going on? That's about to change.) We're going to be staffing up in our news department over next few weeks, too.

Danielle will keep writing about Seattle race issues and gender issues and food-based sculptures in The Stranger's fridge. But she'll also be taking on new responsibilities like being the editor (curator?) of Stranger Suggests. Anyone who's ever wanted to get their exhibit/show/bar/party into Stranger Suggests and never been able to: Here's your new chance. Here's her email. (Pro-tip for suckers-up: Her favorite things are Lemonheads and Benedict Cumberbatch.) As you may or may not know, Danielle was an editor at Rookie before she came to The Stranger. In her free time, she also does TV writing for New York magazine's blog Vulture. And she's the creator of Feminist Ryan Gosling—a book that's now in its tenth printing. And on her wedding night she and her husband sat in a bathtub eating cupcakes and watching Doctor Who. She knows what's up, is what I'm saying. We could not be happier that she's our new Arts & Culture Editor.