I feel like the best way to combat the poisonous bigotry Fred Phelps put into the world before he died would be to support some of our fantastic LGBT organizations. He would fucking HATE that.

If you can lend some time, money, or support, Seattle has a ton of great groups doing amazing work:

  • Seattle Counseling Service advocates, educates and serves to advance mental health issues for the LGBT community, and they're a great resource for connecting to other amazing services. Here's how you can support them.
  • Lambert House is a safe space for queer youth, and you can support them with donations, volunteering, helping out with their wish list items, and more.
  • The Lifelong Aids Alliance, our neighbors down the street, has one of the best murals in town, and work with a ton of community partners to ensure that our brothers, sisters, and others with living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS and other health conditions get the care they need to live healthier lives. Check out their list of urgent needs or just give them some cash money—every bit helps!
  • Volunteer for Seattle Pride!
  • Entre Hermanos provides LGBT services for Seattle's Latino population, and you can donate to them here.
  • The Gay City Health Project has a bunch of ways you can reach out and support them, and it's also just a good idea to know about their services.
  • Planned Parenthood—what DON'T they do? You can set up a monthly donation for a few bucks or a million bucks—I don't know your life! Dig deep!
  • The Northwest Network works to end abuse in our diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities, and you can send them a donation here.
  • YouthCare's Isis House does everything they can to help homeless LGBT youth—check the sidebar for the many ways you can donate and help out, because they need your help all year long.

I'm sure I'm missing some, so please feel free to add updates in the comments.