If youre in the SPD, you cant do what this guy did--no, you can! Wait, you cant! But...
  • Dominic Holden
  • If you're in the SPD, you can't do what this guy did—no, you can! Wait, you can't! But...

Hey, No Big Deal—Seattle Police Department Misconduct Is A-Okay: Well, this is unsurprising and yet still maybe a pinnacle of the large heap of disappointment we've accumulated during the new mayor's as-yet-brief term: Mayor Ed Murray will not reinstate the misconduct findings against six SPD officers that interim police chief Harry Bailey reversed. To paraphrase, Murray says that even though the current system is 10 kinds of fucked up, it's the current system, so SAD TROMBONE, and, he says, let's start a lengthy, drawn-out review process of the whole system before start dealing with anything about it. Because it's a special-snowflake, high-profile case, the misconduct finding of the officer who harassed Stranger staffer Dominic Holden way back in July—the officer whose misconduct finding was reversed and changed to a referral for additional training, then reinstated by Bailey at Murray’s direction—will remain reinstated (or will not be re-unreversed, if you prefer). So much more messed-up stuff about this is here.

Possible Malaysia Airlines Debris Located, But Cannot Be Found: Way, way out in the ocean by Australia, there may be something, but because of poor visibility, like everything else in the case of the missing plane, it is as yet inconclusive. Bigger versions of the fuzzy satellite images of the possible debris are over here.

Kiev to Withdraw Troops from Crimea: After more takeovers of Ukrainian military bases. A joint US/British peacekeeping exercise in Ukraine will go on as previously planned... and fun fact: "The US has already sent 12 warplanes and 300 personnel to Poland in the wake of Russia's takeover of Crimea." Cold War II, people. Ugh.

Teen Killed in White Center: The very short, extremely sad story.

Great Drug News for Washington State: The ACLU finds that prosecutions for pot possession have already dropped dramatically since I-502 passed. In 2012, there were 5531 cases; in 2013, just 120. "The data strongly suggest that I-502 has achieved one of its primary goals—to free up limited police and prosecutorial resources. These resources can now be used for other important public safety concerns," says the ACLU's Mark Cooke. Let this be a model for other states...

"The Suspect Definitely Got the Worst of It": Don't mess with Australian all-male revue Thunder From Down Under.

UPDATE: Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Is Dead: According to Huffpo, according to commenter moosefan.