KURT COBAINS CLOTHES AND DRUGS The drugs are in the box.
  • Seattle Police Department
  • KURT COBAIN'S PERSONAL EFFECTS A previously unseen photo released yesterday by SPD. There's a close-up of the cigar box with the lid lifted at the end of this post.

SPD Found Rolls of Photos of Kurt Cobain's Suicide that Had Never Been Developed: So they developed them. Good idea! "KIRO 7 first reported that police developed four rolls of film that had been sitting in a Seattle police evidence vault for years... They show the scene more clearly than the earlier Polaroid photos taken by investigators." Way to go with the spring cleaning, SPD! Twenty years, huh? Wow, that's... that's a long time. Just sitting there? Detective Mike Ciesynski says they won't be releasing all the new photos. “What are people going to gain from seeing pictures of Kurt Cobain laying on the ground with his hair blown back, with blood coming out of his nose and trauma to his eyes from a penetrating shotgun wound? How’s that going to benefit anybody?" Good call, Mike.

Microsoft Can Read Your Private Messages without a Court Order: "A legal case filed this week against a former Microsoft employee shows the power these companies themselves have to snoop on their customers whenever they want to." Edward Wasserman of UC Berkeley tells the New York Times, “I have never seen a case like this."

Attacks and Suicide Bombings in Iraq Today: At least 38 people are dead.

Those Blurry Blobs Were Nothing in the Search for Missing Plane: Or at least they can't find the blurry blobs, but the hopeful hunt for blurry blobs continues. Blobs can be so deceiving. And blobs can drift around for hundreds of miles. Also weather conditions have been "extremely bad, with rough seas and high winds, and with poor visibility." Yesterday, Australia's prime minister described the blobs as "the first tangible breakthrough in what up till now has been an utterly baffling mystery," although "tangible" and "breakthrough" clearly don't mean what he thinks they mean. The search for anything related to the plane, literally anything at all, is entering its third week.

Surveillance Video of the Helicopter Taking Off in Downtown Seattle: Might help investigators figure out what happened on Tuesday. They also "took samples of the railing around the KOMO rooftop helipad."

Guy on Drugs in Seattle Went Climbing on a Sewage Tank Last Night and Fell In: "Firefighters rescued a man who somehow fell into a tank full of untreated sewage Thursday evening at Seattle's Discovery Park," KOMO/SeattlePI.com reports. "He said he did not know what happened to his girlfriend, and he was afraid she also had fallen into the tank. Firefighters searched and found her walking on the beach."

In Far More Gruesome Drug News: "A sentencing date has been set for a Washington state man who pleaded guilty to beating and stabbing his 3-year-old son to death in a field in southwestern Montana, possibly while under the influence of an overdose of a prescribed stimulant."

As You've Probably Heard by Now, Fred Phelps Died Yesterday, on Mr. Rogers's Birthday: His death was long overdue, obviously, but it was kinda fitting that it happened yesterday, considering Phelps had protested at Mr. Rogers's funeral. (Why? Because Phelps believed Mr. Rogers "gave aid and comfort to homosexuals... His syrupy teachings led millions astray. He was a wuss and he was an enabler of wusses.") As Danielle said on Slog yesterday, "I feel like the best way to combat the poisonous bigotry Fred Phelps put into the world before he died would be to support some of our fantastic LGBT organizations. He would fucking HATE that." Hear, hear!

Speaking of Danielle Henderson: She just got a promotion!

Conner Habib Was Inspired by Sherman Alexie: For the structure of his Stranger piece this week about being a porn star. If you're curious and you've never read it, here's Alexie's piece about not being a porn star.

Police Say Man at Walmart Sucked a Woman's Toes: In the suspect's defense, what else is there to do in North Carolina?

In Lighter News, Have You Noticed the New York Times Is on a Bug Kick? Tweets like these keep landing in my hand.

That first tweet landed in my hand the other night when I was on my way out of The Grand Budapest Hotel... which, can I just say, uhhhh, yeah, it's good, it's okay, but it's a confection, which I guess makes sense because they're eating confections throughout the thing, but it's too long to be a confection. It's like a sustained sugar headache. With violence. Nothing's quite as funny as its striving to be, and by the time we get to Owen Wilson it's like Jesus Christ end this fucking movie. The best part is Tilda Swinton looking like this, but that only lasts about three minutes.

As Promised, That Other New Photo: Released yesterday by SPD.

LIFTING THE LID On Cobains box.
  • Seattle Police Department