WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? Royal Blood wants you to reconsider your words
  • Chris Bennion
  • WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? This Royal Blood dude doesn't care about your tears

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm going to see Royal Blood at West of Lenin in Fremont. And also The Great Beauty at Sundance Cinemas, the best movie theater in Seattle."

Dave Segal: "I'm going to see an amazing electronic-music show on Saturday, Italian duo Voices From the Lake at the Big Building. But before that, I'm checking out American folkadelic guitar virtuoso William Tyler at Neumos."

Brendan Kiley: "My wife is out of town so I’m going to eat a truckload of cupcakes and binge-watch The Mindy Project."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I am out of the office, returning Tuesday, March 25. If you have an urgent matter, please email editor@thestranger.com. Hello!"

  • Kelly O

Dan Savage: "I'm hosting screenings of the first-ever HUMP! Tour in Washington D.C., while carving out time to show a friend I dragged along with me around D.C. Eating, drinking, showing porn."

Charles Mudede: "I'm going to have dinner with the brilliant cultural critic Steven Shaviro, who happens to be in town this weekend (he lives in Detroit). I hope to talk about his next book The Universe of Things, which is a study of the speculative realism movement in philosophy. I think we will eat hamburgers at the Union Bar in Hillman City."

Katie Allison: "It's my birthday this weekend, and my super-rad fiancé has apparently organized a series of fun things for us. The only one he's let slip so far is Snohomish on the Rocks, an excellent-sounding craft distillery festival. There will be fancy whiskey aplenty. Everyone should go."

Krishanu Ray: "I'm rereading The Phantom Tollbooth."

Jen Graves:: "I'm going to throw frisbee at UW where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom."

Kelly O: "I might go by the Northwest Women's Show to see 'Fashion on Fire: Seattle's Hottest Firemen Strutting Their Stuff Down the Runway' (and whatever other wacky normcore entertainment options these suburban mom's are offering up this year)."

Danielle Henderson: "I’m going to meet a friend for a long walk, and then I’m going to head over to Nacho Borracho for the first time. Crossing my fingers that I fall in love with their melted cheese-y goodness, because there’s nothing I love more than cheese."

Paul Constant: "I'm probably going to see Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend, and I'm thinking about checking out Herzog's Nosferatu the Vampire at SIFF Cinema, too. In other news, I have no idea what to read next, so there will be a lot of angst and gnashing of teeth over choosing my next book."

Oh my God, Paul, please be careful. He looks serious.
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre
  • Oh my God, Paul, please be careful. He looks serious.