Anna Minard claims to "know nothing about music." For this column, we force her to listen to random records by artists considered to be important by music nerds.


Great times to listen to the Feelies:

• On headphones while you go for a walk on a beautiful sunny day

• On headphones while you sit quietly at your desk, staring out the window at the sun and hoping for a magic time warp so you can be done with work while the sun is still out

• At night while you make dinner in the dark and dance around the kitchen

• At the impromptu party you throw in your living room because woo-hoo it's almost spring and maybe it's raining right now but tomorrow morning it'll be lovely again, goddamnit!

• Inside on a sunny day, on the couch right by the window, trying to convince yourself to go for a walk even though you're super-hungover.

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