Huge Landslide in Snohomish County Kills 3, Injures Several: A six-month-old is in critical condition and authorities have organized an evacuation to avoid further casualties amid heavy rains.

The Hunt For That Plane Continues: With Chinese ships on their way to look for what could be debris from the downed plane.

Uruguayan President Is A Great Guy: He's legalized marijuana, same-sex marriage, drives an old Volkswagen Beetle to work, and now he's offering refuge to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay—if only the US would release them. "I was imprisoned for many years and I know how it is."

Russian Soldiers Storm Crimean Base: They smashed a gate, fired in the air, and one Ukrainian soldier was reportedly injured. The Obama administration and the European Union are not pleased.

Beating China To the Punch: While American officials claimed telecom giant Huawei couldn't be trusted because it would install backdoor exploits on communications hardware, the NSA went ahead and broke into the company's servers and did that exact thing.

In Spain: Massive marches for dignity, i.e. against austerity.

So True: Labor journalist Sarah Jaffe points out how peculiar it is that so many articles on fast food and low wage workers treat such workers as unidimensional representations of poverty more than people with their own rich, unique lives and ideas (there are similar problems with reporting on the overseas poor). "Our discourse on poverty is fed by stories of misery; it gorges itself on tales of cracked ceilings and no heat and feeding the family on a few dollars a week," Jaffe writes. "But this is just another way that the poor must prove themselves 'deserving' and for the better-off to feel righteous for helping them." To be fair, I don't think this is solely journalists' fault—I haven't seen the unions do much to put these workers' voices at the forefront. What do they want besides $15 an hour? How else do they think their workplaces and society at large should change?

Speaking Of Which: Bam! New York's Attorney General is making McDonald's franchises pay out almost $500k to workers whose wages were stolen from them. Plenty of wage theft going on around these parts too, Bob!

20 Years of Wu-Tang: Do yourself a favor and press play...