This is a little inside baseball, but Mayor Ed Murray has just announced that his press secretary, Rosalind Brazel, is out. People have practically been counting down the days till this announcement ever since Brazel authored that infamous press release mourning the death of a local figure who was still very much alive. In January, Brazel also accidentally sent an internal e-mail discussing two different potential press statements to the entire press corps.

While it was plenty embarrassing on its own, that premature RIP was made much worse since it came at the end of a very bad week for Murray—he'd just faced serious criticism of his and his police chief's handling of police discipline and been taken to task for replacing a popular city director.

But an accidental reply-all and a press release she was surely directed by someone else to send out—they look bad, but they aren't substantively bad. If he'd been having a good week, maybe it would have been a funny joke everyone could still laugh about. Instead, he'd just made real policy decisions that the public disapproved of, which is not the fault of his press secretary. This move feels like Murray recognizing that he may need to try starting over fresh, but he'd be wise to remember that it's the substance, not the name attached to the e-mails, that actually matters to people.

For now, the spokeswoman for the city's IT department, Megan Coppersmith, will act as an interim press secretary, while Brazel moves to work on internal communications.