Sunrise oil on paper by Laura Hamje
  • Courtesy of Prographica
  • "Sunrise" oil on paper by Laura Hamje

Jen Graves: "My dream week would be to hear William Cordova talk about Macchu Pichu After Dark at SAM Wednesday; to hear MoMA educator/artist Pablo Helguera talk at the Henry Thursday after first stopping by Deb Baxter’s opening at Platform; to see the art of Barbara Earl Thomas and C. Davida Ingram at LxWxH before stereoTYPE closes Saturday; and to check out Laura Hamje and Anne Petty’s paintings when they open Saturday at Prographica."

Kelly O: "Going to see these bad boys, the Black Lips, on Friday at Neumos.
Watch this filthy, nasty excellent video..."

Dave Segal: "I'm going to Mike Nipper and Scott Davis's rejuvenated Heavy Jelly psych-rock DJ night at Speckled & Drake on Thursday. Because I don't see enough of Nipper in the office."

Krishanu Ray: "I'm leaving on a 10-month tour with my globally acknowledged indie pop band, HotdogdoG."

Paul Constant: "I'm going to be at as many APRIL Festival events as I can manage."

Danielle Henderson: "I'm putting all of my energy into getting over this sinus infection."

Emily Nokes: "We're in North Carolina today, where they have these magical things called 18+ shows! Seattle, get it together! Those 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds with black Xs on their hands are just really interested in music, and they bring a waaaaay better energy than any burnt-out bar fly! Plus it's not a sterile library 5:30pm show with fluorescent lights and teenagers being treated like infants who need to be shielded from the big bad world of warm Pabst. Oops, sorry, I always get ranty when I see other cities with laws that don't discourage their li'l shredders. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, what am I doing this week?

Tomorrow, I'll be in DC, where we hear it might be snowing. Great. I left my best cardigan (with my best pineapple pin on it) in Texas. Do you think they'll let us tour the White House? After DC is wonderful Baltimore, then on Thursday, we'll be in New Brunswick, New Jersey: home of really intense falafel trucks and a police task force whose only job is to bust house shows. Then we'll be in New York City! I would sincerely like to know where to find the best dessert shop or bakery there. Any hot tips? How's Seattle?"