The erection of a male chimpanzee is achieved with the assistance of an actual bone. No such bone is found in a human erection...

  • Charles Mudede

Humans split with chimps some 5 or 7 million years ago. Did our common ancestor have this bone that chimps retained and we lost? Or did the common ancestor have no bone for this purpose like us, and the chimps evolved it alone. Though we must never forget that chimps have also evolved over this great amount of time, it's most likely that they are closer to the ancestor in this regard because another close relative of ours, the gorilla, also has this bone, which is called a baculum (the common ancestor for chimps, gorillas, and humans existed 8 million years ago).

Why do we not have a bone in our boner? And surely this absence of a hard thing makes our erections much more spiritual. Is this the origin of religion? This absence?