A detail from one of Ellen Zieglers pieces in Translator.
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  • A detail from one of Ellen Ziegler's pieces in Translator.

You can see Ellen Ziegler's new collages at SOIL Gallery. They're made of layers of silver mylar on tracing paper, which is then draped with tulle netting that has ink patterns painted on it.

The layered, fragmentary, ethereal effect is like shadows and fog, mirrors and windows. It's stuff that's impossible to capture in JPEG. What you see above is one corner of one piece on the wall. The whole series is called Translator. But it doesn't feel like Ziegler is performing translations. It feels like she's cleaning up and gathering together everything unsayably lost in translations that have already occurred.

The titles come from lines by authors. "Caught between the tongue and the taste." (Anne Carson) "All those glass jewels are best left in the dark." (Jorge Luis Borges) "The luminous, big, shivering, discandied, unrepentant, barking web." (Carson again) (Discandied is a word!)

Welcome back to the rain, Seattle.

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