I was walking down the street the other day, drying to dodge all the sandwich boards for horribly named apartment buildings, when one caught my eye. It was not advertising a horribly named apartment building. Or if it was, it was a hilariously named horrible apartment building: CREEPS. (God, wouldn't it be great if apartment-building-namers ran out of vaguely wistful words and had to start resorting to CREEPS and JERK'S LANDING and FOOL'S PARADISE?)

Then I thought: No, no, obviously this is someone making fun of apartment building marketing. Then I saw those postcards in that upper-right hand corner depicting a row of urinals—and realized this CREEPS sandwich board is (1) definitely making fun of stupid apartment building sandwich boards (2) while advertising some theater. Well played, Seattle Subversive Theatre! I took a postcard. The front of the postcard is at the top of this post; the back of the postcard looks like this.

I emailed Seattle Subversive Theatre to say I loved their sandwich board, that I'd be making their postcard a Slog Urinal of the Day, and to find out where these urinals in particular are. Gregg Gilmore wrote back to say, "The pic was taken in Worcester Mass by Sean Svadilfari in 2009." And the play? "Creeps is about four guys with cerebral palsy who escape from their menial jobs by hiding out in the restroom at work. In that skanky little room they're safe to be themselves, and let it all out. Creeps is a beautiful play, but so not for everybody, that's why we love it. The production will take place in a tiny underground space on Market Street in Ballard. We're turning it into a believable restroom, and making room for 24 seats. We're a scrappy little group that does good work, and can use all the help we can get, so catching your eye means a lot."

Support the scrappy little group by getting your ticket here.