If a hoof is going to make you nervous, youre in the wrong place.
  • Kelly O
  • If a hoof is going to make you nervous, you're in the wrong place.

What?! You haven't been to Barnacle yet?! You live in Seattle, and you love good things—especially good things to eat and drink—and you have yet to go to Renee Erickson's shotgun-style, 14-seat bar attached to the side of her renowned restaurant the Walrus and the Carpenter? (Barnacle, attached—best name ever.)

A guy I know accosted me about this, in the friendliest drunken way, at the Roanoke recently. (The Roanoke, aka Seattle's ivy-covered Chia Pet, is a great bar in its own, totally different right—nicely worn in, always friendly, pretty good nachos, ping-pong out back.) I had not been to Barnacle yet. It's in Ballard and has been open for six months. He became nearly apoplectic. He is a man of good taste—one who remains charming when drunk—and his exhortations could not be ignored.

So I found myself a week or so later driving through rush-hour traffic to Ballard and arriving somewhat grumpy at Barnacle's happy hour...