NIGHTRAIN Locomotive punks who make their own beer.
  • NIGHTRAIN Locomotive punks who make their own beer.

This year's Penumbra—The Stranger's second annual beer and bands festival—is going to be even beerier than last year: 26-ish breweries will be bringing two beers each, which leaves you, as a possible beer drinker, with 52 beers to try. That said, please do not try to drink 52 beers in one night. I have never seen anyone get close to drinking 52 beers, nor do I want to (though if I or anyone I know has ever gotten close to it, no one involved has any recollection of the experience beyond the subsequent apocalyptic headache, limb loss, and/or jail time).

Because I don't want you to hurt yourself, but I also want you to have a nice time drinking delicious beer, I've come up with some ideas for beer/band pairings for the festival. I want there to be something for everyone, so I've listed a few possibilities for each. I also tried to focus on some of the rarer stuff that isn't always available in the city's many brewpubs, bars, and bottle shops, since a few of the great beers at the festival are often seen around town.

Before we proceed further, for the sake of disclosure, I'll tell you now that I play drums in Dude York and that it's a pretty good time most of the time. I hope I don't let you down.

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This event's going down on Saturday, March 29, starting at 6pm.