Bethany Jean Clement: "I am going to Sunnyside, Washington, with my mom and dad and brother. It's going to be 62 and sunny there, and we're going to sit outside and drink some of the fine wine of Washington State. YES."

Anna Minard: "Bringing a freezerful of lasagnas to some new parents. Then probably napping a lot and watching Star Trek."

Dave Segal: "DJing the Valmont's Pad event at Vermillion tonight with Explorateur and E-Z Action. We'll be spinning exploitation soundtracks, sleazy library music, Italo disco, and XXX-rated funk, mostly from the ’60s and ’70s."

QUINN FRANZEN Points his bedroom eyes at Hana Lass.
  • QUINN FRANZEN Points his bedroom eyes at Hana Lass.

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm seeing The Edge of Our Bodies at Washington Ensemble Theatre tonight. And then afterwards I'm going to the Eagle to watch Jinkx Monsoon perform in a cage. Last Friday Jinkx was at the Eagle just, like, hanging out on the back patio, singing showtunes a capella. She's my favorite. And tomorrow night I'm going to see Quinn Franzen's bedroom eyes in The Importance of Being Earnest."

Katie Allison: "I'll be joining all of the other non-fun-hating Seattleites at The Stranger's own Penumbra Beer Fest, sampling many tasty beers and dancing to great local music. Every non-Penumbra moment will be spent catching up on sleep."

Krishanu Ray: "While on a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood I don't know very well (Magnolia), and having just finished re-reading The Phantom Tollbooth, I encountered a Little Free Library®. I deposited my copy of Tollbooth—"for the next child," I thought, wistfully—and removed a copy of A Confederacy of Dunces. I'll probably read a bit of that this weekend, and maybe take another walk."

Paul Constant: "On Saturday, I'm interviewing the big brains of Fantagraphics about the future of their company at Emerald City Comicon. They're the best comics publisher in America and the biggest publisher in Seattle, so this is a big deal for comics and for the Seattle books scene. I'll be stopping by the APRIL Small Press Expo at Hugo House on Saturday, too. Also, Noah didn't screen for critics, so I'll probably wind up watching that this weekend even though Russell Crowe tends to give me hives."

MAKE READY the ointments, Paul, for my coming was foretold
  • Noah
  • MAKE READY the ointments, Paul, for my coming was foretold