Reports from the Mudslide: An interview with a volunteer. Is there a logging connection? Food banks need your help, and here's what else you can do. People are on edge. The river is murky because of glacial flour. Watch how the area has changed over the last decade.

The $15-an-Hour Fight Continues: Anna Minard attended the $15/hour symposium and was sad to learn that Brent Spiner wasn't there. Meanwhile, Dave Meinert is just asking questions.

Ed Murray's Rough Week: Mayor Murray replaced his press secretary. Then he pushed the reform-oriented former interim police chief into retirement. (Read Pugel's goodbye right here.) On the bright side, Murray is working to make things better for refugees and immigrants.

Obama and the NSA: Brendan Kiley and I have a disagreement.

Suck It, Haters: Grant Brissey buys health insurance:

...I for one am ecstatic to have guaranteed health insurance for the first time in my adult life. If you're still railing against it, I can't help but assume you'd rather have me dead. I also can't help but assume that you're terrible at math.

The Death of Seattle: Has been grossly over/underreported.

Where Did the Bone in the Human Penis Go? A Charles Mudede investigation™.

Just in Time for Easter: The Stranger is an Easter egg.