Mudslide Missing Persons Count Reduced to 30: Heartening news, though the death toll has risen to 18 (Al Jazeera says 26). This Seattle Times narrative compilation recounts the day of the slide in minute, sensitive detail.

Let's Not Kid Ourselves: "It is human nature, if not the American way, to look potential disaster in the face and prefer to see a bright and shining lie."

Climate Change Isn't Going to Fuck Up The Earth For Future Generations: It's doing that now, according to a leaked report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Arrest climate change deniers, says Gawker.

Republicans Will Stop At Nothing: To stave off their decline, including fundamentally altering voting systems in swing states.

More Spying on Germany: The NSA cannot get enough of Angela Merkel's private communications.

Also Creepy: The long history of American collaboration with Ukraine's Nazis.

And for the record:

Facebook Is Mucking Up the Future of Virtual Reality: Notch, the developer of the hugely-popular Minecraft, outlines why he's disappointed with the social network's purchase of Oculus Rift.

Fighting Racism With Hashtags: This is a great profile of a rising activist star. Just as people have complained that the Colbert Report tweet (racist in and of itself) was taken out of context, this article offers some context for #CancelColbert—Suey Park says it's necessary to grab people's attention (she's right), and not necessarily meant literally.

Here she is shutting down the Huffington Post's version of Piers Morgan: