World Vision is a massive Christian scam humanitarian aid group with an annual operating budget of nearly $1 billion based in Federal Way, a half hour outside of Seattle. It works in nearly 100 countries, with a staff of 44,000 people. And a week ago—whoo, progress!—the group declared it was dropping its ban on hiring people in same-sex marriages.

Then the hate from the charity's supporters poured in, Humanosphere reports:

In less than two days, World Vision USA reversed itself, saying it had made a ‘mistake’—the mistake, apparently, being that it had not anticipated the massive criticism it would get from many in the religious community who oppose gay marriage.

“This a depressing step backwards from what had seemed a very progressive move forward by World Vision,” said Ed Carr, an aid and development expert at the University of South Carolina. “After only a day or so, they’re back on the wrong side of history.”

The group received $374 million from USAID, the government's main humanitarian agency, in contracts between 2001 and 2005—and continues to receive millions to this day in order to do God's work.