HOPING TO FIND FIVE MORE Rescuers keep working in Snohomish County.
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  • HOPING TO FIND FIVE MORE Rescuers keep working in Snohomish County.

More Victims Found Sunday: There are 21 confirmed fatalities in the March 23 mudslide, not including "four additional victims who are not part of that official count." And there are still 30 people missing. Rescue workers and service dogs got dry weather, a new road, and a decontamination tent Sunday, but some areas are still buried under 80 feet of mud. Their work is treacherous and ongoing.

The State Was Using Bad Maps to Create Logging Rules Above the Slope that Collapsed: The Seattle Times analysis of maps and documents reveals that regulators ignored research.

Run, Zakia and Mohammad Ali, Run: A young Afghan couple who "grew up on neighboring farms" are on the run because her father—who publicly threatened to kill them both—wanted her to marry someone else. Two women are being held on charges of helping the young woman and man elope, and the head of the local women's ministry has also fled.

Time's Up Tonight to Enroll in Health Care: The web site faltered again this morning, is back up now.

The Euphemism in the Room: Newspapers must drop the puritanism and curse, for clarity's sake, among other things. An op-ed in which, "Even in this essay, I am unable to be clear about many of my examples."

Albuquerque Police Brutality Protests: Lasted more than 10 hours with officers in riot gear, culminating in what the mayor calls "mayhem." The passive voice is also deployed against protesters in the AP's story.

An Associated Press reporter saw gas canisters being thrown outside police headquarters and Albuquerque police and Bernalillo County sheriff's deputies charging at the protesters late Sunday, which mostly dispersed the crowds.

More Gassing News: "Rattlesnake Wranglers, Armed with Gasoline."

After North Korea Conducts a "Live-Fire Drill," South Korea Retaliates: What? It was just a drill. Obv.

Warren Buffett Does Not Have to Pay a Billion: The Final Four was completely unpredictable.

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