Amalgam #61, ultrachrome archival pigment photograph by Dave Kennedy
  • Amalgam #61, ultrachrome archival pigment photograph by Dave Kennedy

Jen Graves: Today I’m trying to get over to see a show of video, photography, and sculpture at Cornish, by faculty members Robert Campbell and Preston Wadley. Wednesday, I’m going to hear Mel Chin talk at UW. He’s the featured national artist the School of Art is bringing this spring, and he’s, like, a brain-cousin to the elder Buster Simpson. I hear Buster’ll be in the audience, too.

Thursday is Art Walk, and you never know what you’ll get, but I’m curious about Dave Kennedy at Gallery4Culture, Timea Tihanyi at Linda Hodges, and Allyce Wood and Diana Lindbjerg at SOIL. Want to see the ongoing painting show by Anne Petty and Laura Hamje at Prographica, too (out in the upscale wilds of Denny-Blaine).

David Schmader: Tonight, I'm watching BenDeLaCreme on the new episode of RuPaul's Drag Race! Beyond that, I'm listening to the Wu-Tang Clan ouvre in chronological order. (The moral: RZA should be carved in Mt Rushmore.)

Kelly O: I'm going to the Comet Tavern tonight, for at least one 45 cent beer at the official reopening, then tomorrow April 1st, to see their first live show, with the Country Lips at 10:30.

Paul Constant: As my week's plans hinge on a karaoke outing with a small group of friends, I'm trying to decide if the best Kanye West song to sing at karaoke is "Runaway," "Stronger" or "No Church in the Wild."

Danielle Henderson: I'm going to see The Edge of Our Bodies tonight at the Washington Ensemble Theater and then I'm spending the rest of the week collecting my invoices and finally doing my taxes, which is the absolute most boring part of being a goddamned adult.

Bethany Jean Clement: It is my ambition to go to happy hour at Aragona some evening this week. I will definitely be going to Safeco Field to check out some of their new stuff to eat and drink (Georgetown Brewing Company cask-conditioned beer! Taylor Farms shellfish! Hot Cakes desserts!) in advance of the season of baseball. I am wondering whether I can check out the new Comet without having some sort of nostalgic nervous breakdown. I will watch The Wolf of Wall Street, which I suspect is just not as bacchanal-shocking-good-bad as everyone said...the rest is TBD—we shall see!