I briefly stopped by the opening of the new Comet last night. It seems people are a little divided on what to think. An old-timer said that all he felt was sadness, and didn't recognize another single face in there in over two hours. Another oldie thought it was "So great!"—especially the pinball machines (Twilight Zone, Dr. Who, and Funhouse.)

When I started taking this photo of the new hottest-pink ladies room, a woman asked my why I would want a photo of a bathroom stall. I laughed and said because the last time I used it, I almost slipped in puke and the toilet seat was broken and lying on the floor. She said, "Oh... This is my first time here."

  • Kelly O

On closer inspection of the puke-free new lady-lavatory, I noticed that by 7:37 pm on it's opening night, some much-needed bathroom wall graffiti was already happening. This is the confusing part though: Why a Soviet hammer and sickle? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Also, will the Comet make sense, once the new-car smell goes away? Or has it forever changed, losing all of its original identity? It's open tonight, with a free live show by local Seattle band The Country Lips.

Huh, what?????
  • Kelly O
  • Huh, what?????