Here's a quick look at a smattering of live shows around town to cap off this lovely April afternoon... You could check out Florian Hoefner's jazzy piano in the comfortable, casual atmosphere of the Royal Room:

If that sounds a little too laid-back for you, local faves Heiress will be playing Chop Suey. According to their Facebook page, they are "older Seattle gentlemen making loud beard metal," and if you're like me that sounds irresistible!

Or you could find out if "the first annual Irony Games" at FRED Wildlife Refuge is great or totally insufferable. From the press release:

"The event will include awards for Best In Scarf, Best in Skinny Jeans, and see the crowning of the first ever Hipster Of the Year. Don't miss free PBR and sexy music from Chicago's The Flavor Savers."

Plus a metric shit-ton of other fun stuff! Tuesday's the new Friday: go take in some nightlife.