Alex Dueben at Comic Book Resources has reported on my interview with Fantagraphics editors Gary Groth, Eric Reynolds, and Kristy Valenti at Emerald City Comicon over the weekend. (My piece about Fantagraphics is here.) Reading it is like sitting in the audience of the panel without having to hear my terrible voice, which has been known to inspire me to feel real nausea while transcribing interviews. Here's a taste of Dueben's recap:

Groth is currently finishing the collection of "Zap Comix." "'Zap' was created by Robert Crumb in 1968 and it didn’t start the underground comics movement, but it was the most symbolic comic that defines the underground comics movement. That last issue, #16, will be published in the collection."

"We’re scanning from the negatives so this will be the best edition ever published. Better than the original comics. This is a landmark in the history of comics," Groth said. "Aesthetically, possibly the most important comic ever published."

The three also discussed how shocking and disturbing the transgressive comic remains today and how one issue was was prosecuted for obscenity. It was also noted that because of the children in the audience they would avoid discussing it in any detail.

Go read the whole thing.