We got an e-mail from a Stranger reader that's intended for everyone who uses studded tires:

OK, all you studded tire idiots. April 1st is the deadline to get those noisy worthless studs off the family wagon. They didn't help you at all this year, did they? They ground up a bunch of pavement on I-5 and all the other state highways that will need re-paving way before their time because of your paranoid belief that your studded tires provided some insurance against sliding off the road. Studded tires are a waste of money and the idiots that use them should pay a user tax for the damage that they do to the roadways. The State Patrol has done extensive tests and concluded that studded tires INCREASE the stopping distance on wet pavement which is 99% of the time in the Seattle area. Tax the shit out of studded tire users. They are not smart people.

Listen to our friend and remove your studded tires as soon as possible, please. And maybe think twice before putting them on again next year, okay?